Flinders University in South Australia is now offering a Major in Palaeontology within a Bachelor of Science!

Why study vertebrate palaeontology?

The vertebrate palaeontology major introduces students to the study of past life, especially of Australian vertebrates and their environments. It combines topics from the Schools of Biological Sciences and the Environment into a synthetic program providing students with the broad training base essential for such a multifaceted discipline. The major emphasises the continuum between past and present: students will emerge with an understanding of how Australia’s unique biota has evolved in response to long-term environmental change.


 Where will it take me?

Students who complete the vertebrate palaeontology major will be competitive for jobs involving fieldwork and museum studies, as well as ecological / environmental research and teaching.

Where do I sign up?

Feel free to contact us at the Flinders University Palaeontology Society or visit the Flinders Uni website for more information.