Palaeo in the Pub with Prof Rod Wells and Dr Aaron Camens

Deserts, lakes and ancient rivers: the search for the ancestral marsupials

6pm, Thursday 14th September
Flinders University Tavern

Guest speakers Professor Rod Wells, the founding father of Palaeontology at Flinders University; and Dr Aaron Camens, lecturer in Vertebrate Palaeontology; will be showering us with tales of their experiences of central South Australian Desert landscapes, and the awe-inspiring fossils found within them.

Now in his late seventies Rod Wells continues to lead a rich and rewarding life steeped in science and natural history. Engineer turned zoologist turned palaeontologist Rod will chat about his fascination with the giant extinct marsupials of Australia and his journey of exploration across Australia’s desert landscapes in search of their bones..

Following in Rod’s footsteps, Aaron Camens has been introduced to many of the fossil localities in arid South Australia that help us unravel the evolutionary history of our iconic fauna. Aaron’s research currently focuses on these central Australian sites and he is extracting new information from the collections made by Rod and his contemporaries. He will talk about his experiences collecting fossils from some of the most remote parts of the state and new discoveries Flinders palaeontologists have been making in Central Australia.

This event is free, bring a friend.
Due to the venue, suitable only for ages 18+
Parking is free from 6pm

Nibbles will be provided!

Please RSVP by 5pm Tuesday 12 September so that we can cater accordingly.


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