Palaeo in the Pub- Megafauna and Palaeoclimates

Come join Flinders University Palaeontology Society for another illuminating evening of palaeo science talks, enjoyed in the casual and comfortable surroundings of The Tav @ Flinders University. Thursday March 28th @ 6:30 pm.

Director of Palaeontology at Flinders University, Professor Gavin Prideaux has spent lots of time in the field, often in the bottom of caves, digging up fossils of Australia’s unique extinct megafauna, and exploring dusty drawers in museum cabinets. His research interests include investigating the links between patterns in Australian mammal evolution, ecology and extinction, and climate- and human-driven environmental changes. His talk will focus on resolving when and why Australia’s megafauna became extinct.

Associate Professor John Tibby, Director of the Sprigg Geobiology Centre at the University of Adelaide, researches past climates and environments, mainly in eastern Australia. A major thrust of this research has been finding ways to understand the independent influence of climate and humans on the landscape. For the past decade or so he has led a project examining the environmental history of the subtropics using records of environmental change from North Stradbroke Island,. south-east Queensland. This talk will focus on discussing the 80,000 year long record from one of these sites – Welsby Lagoon.

Haidee Cadd, PhD candidate, Earth Sciences @ University of Adelaide, is a palaeoecologist interested in understanding how fire, climate and herbivory have interacted to shape Australia’s vegetation. Understanding how vegetation responds to changes in disturbance and climate over long time scales helps contribute to conservation efforts and predicating future changes. Her talk will focus on environmental changes in response to fire and climate from Welsby Lagoon, North Stradbroke Island.

This is a FREE event.
Free nibbles will be provided. Happy Hour Beer Prices. 
Bring your gold coins and try your luck at a raffle for sweet FUPS merch.

See you there!