Masterclass: Dating in the Quaternary

3:00 – 4:00 pm Fri Nov 4th
Flinders University
Lecture theatre South 1.

Henri Garon, geochronology PhD candidate from Adelaide University, will be giving a masterclass focusing on different dating methods available for the study of the Quaternary (2.58 million years to present).

After a brief reminder on the chronology of the Quaternary, Henri will cover the general principles underlying a number of dating methods, with emphasis on what is actually datable with each method and how it relates to the events we are interested in dating.  Following this overview of the methods, their chronological range, and the supports on which they can be applied, Henri will look a little deeper at the inner workings and principles underlying the optically stimulated dating of sediments.

This talk will be of interest to palaeontologists, archaeologists and anyone interested in Quaternary science. All are welcome.


We will sojourn at the Flinders University Tavern after the talk.