Field Trips

Group of FUPS members excavating fossils on a filed trip

FUPS organises annual field trips which are open to all society members. On field trips members will have the opportunity to partake in current palaeontological research and gain first hand experience on a real palaeontological dig!  Previous expeditions have included Bone Gulch and Alcoota, with a return trip to Alcoota occuring in July 2019. If you are interested in joining us on this field trip please send us an email at with an expression of interest. 


Volunteer Opportunities!

The Flinders University Palaeontology preparation lab has regular volunteer days where anyone interested in palaeontology can participate in fossil sorting and fossil preparation. This is an important step in the research conducted by the Flinders Palaeontology Lab, and helps process the large collections of fossils gathers during FUPS and Flinders Palaeontology field trips.

FUPS members volunteering in the fossil preparation lab
Removal of a plaster cast wrapped around the fossil in field for protection during transport back to the lab.













  • When– Wednesdays from about 10:00 to 3:00
  • Where– Lab 123, Biology Building (near carpark 8)
  • What– Currently helping to sort small fossils from sediment, other tasks as they arise.
  • Why– We can excavate fossils faster than we can process them! One field trip can result in months of lab work. Regular volunteers also position themselves to be involved in field work, outreach activities and other events/opportunities
  • Who– You! There is no required knowledge/skills, training is on the job. Younger folk require a legal guardian to accompany them, others simply need to express an interest.

For further information contact our Preparator, Mr Carey Burke ( for details.

Fossil Preparation- Removal of dirt from the skull of a kangaroo fossil to expose the bone


Work Experience Opportunities Available.

The Flinders University Palaeontology Preparation Lab is willing to work with schools to host work experience students.

These students will generally assist around the lab but the real benefit is the exposure to higher education, academia and the University in general.

For more information, contact Mr Carey Burke ( .



During the year FUPS may hold masterclasses on various palaeontological related topics. During masterclasses, an expert will give an accessible and informative introduction to a particular topic, with practical and hands on work often included.


Palaeo in the Pub

Palaeo in the Pub is a regular event hosted by FUPS and Flinders Tavern. Each event is formed around a different palaeontology related topic from the origin of tetrapods to the diversity of Australia’s megafauna and their extinction. These events are run numerous times over the year so keep an eye out for when they will be held. 


Diggers Shield

The annual grudge match against the Archaeology Society. Cricket training begins in the new year for a match in March. In future years it is likely that the Diggers Shield will expand to different sports, with the home team deciding which game to play.