About Us

We are the Flinders University Palaeontology Society (or FUPS for short), but if you’re on this page you probably already know that much by now. What you probably don’t know is who we (the people of this society) are, what we do, and why we do it.

Who are we? Short answer; we’re people who love palaeontology. Everyone in this society holds an interest in the past and what lived in it. If this is an interest you share, whether as a hobby or as a potential career, then you will fit right in!

What do we do? FUPS offers a range of social and educational activities centred on palaeontology. You can learn how to prepare fossils, how to distinguish a reptile bone from a mammal’s, and get involved in current research and field excavations.

Why do we do this? Here are a few quotes from our members;

“Until I joined Flinders Palaeontology Society, the only parts of South Australia I’d seen were the ceiling above my couch and those giant silver balls in the city”

– Kailah Thorn (now President after going places like Burra, Whyalla, Brachina Gorge & the Flinders Ranges, the Nullarbor Plain, Naracoorte, Maslins Beach and Wentworth in NSW)

“I was coerced”

– Aidan Couzens (couldn’t leave, had to finish thesis)

“I was there from the beginning. For the beer and merchandise”

– Carey Burke (Merchandise model and Fossil Preparator)

“I really like fossils”

– Nathan Phillips (member since he was 14 years old, now Treasurer)

2018 Committee

President – Kailah Thorn

Vice President – Phoebe Mcinerney

Treasurer – Nathan Phillips

Secretary – Nimue Gibbs

BEER’N’BONES editor – Sue Double

Undergraduate representatives – Parker Rayleigh (1st Yr), Teagan Cross (2nd Yr), Nathan Phillips (3rd Yr).

Honours/Postgraduate representative – Diana Fusco

Academic representatives – Alice Clement

Volunteers Coordinator – Carey Burke

Webmaster – Ben King